New eBook Content and Video Course on Ionic Framework VueJS Mobile Development


The Book

It is an ebook that I am self-publishing on Gumroad. The book is written using vuejs without typescript and walks you through the process of building a CRUD application using SQLite as the data storage mechanism. We also step through the process of running the app on IOS and Android since the SQLite Plugin only works on the device.

You can get more specifics about the contents of the book by checking out the book landing page .

The Video Course

Early Access — Using Ionic Framework VueJS, Firebase & Vuex Store For Image Diary App

The new Ionic Framework VueJS Web Components are a great way to leverage your javascript skills with VueJS to build professional looking Mobile Applications and PWAs efficiently.

Vue3 and Vuex 4 are the latest releases and we hope that this video tutorial will expose you to the important features and patterns to start you on the journey to build something amazing.

There are preview chapters available for free.

Ionic VueJS Video Playlist

DC based software agency utilizing #Javascript, #Typescript, #HTML5, #Ionicframework, #NodeJS, #Firebase to build web & mobile solutions.

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