High-Performing Agile Teams Guarantee Success

The Beauty of Scrum

An Awesome Team and Flexibility Encourages Constant Creativity

As a team member of the Clearly Innovative family, being innovative is essential and encouraged. The key to our success is having a high-performing Agile team, who works hard on cultivating and maintaining excellent relationships. Using the scrum to manage all of our projects have produced fantastic results:

  1. Improved efficiency and less stress
  2. Team collaboration is at an all-time high, results in dedication
  3. A constant flow of creativity

Scrum allows us to be easily transparent. Complex projects are simplified as we work with our clients to refine user stories; recommend creative time-saving solutions, and provide award-winning technical solutions that surpass the competition.

Those Pesky Estimates Help Our Clients

Estimating helps us to deliver accurate proposals and our team is very involved in the process. After the sprint demo, clients are invoiced according to the work completed in each sprint. According to Mike Cohn, a founding member of the Scrum Alliance and Agile Alliance, in his article, “Why Agile Teams Should Estimate at Two Different Levels” indicated that “The best way to do this is for a team to estimate its product backlog items in story points and its sprint backlog tasks in hours.” His article served as a sort of validation for something that we have refined successfully over the past few years. Our team estimates both the product backlog and the sprint backlog, to aid with predictions and client communications. This is particularly beneficial for our small business owners, who often have a limited budget, are on an accelerated timeline, and need a minimum viable product (MVP). My team looks at the big picture, which gives our clients guidance on delivering amazing products.

Everyone has a voice — The Key to an Agile Environment

As an Agile Project Manager, within the small business structure, my team’s roles are constantly redefined as we work to meet the needs of our company. I have a phenomenal team who is free to explore technologies, options, and techniques. This freedom helps us to deliver top-notch products. Team members stay connected to the community as leaders and teachers (via meetups and weekend classes). The team also scours forums to support other developers who have technical issues. These processes allow us to be successful and prove that there is value in happiness and freedom in creativity. Giving everyone a voice is the key to a solid agile environment.

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