Create Your Own Vue3 Google Maps Component and Deploy to Mobile with Ionic Framework & Capacitor

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Maps are a critical part of many web and mobile solutions and the rich set of functionality provided by Google Maps make it an obvious choice in many situations. When I was looking for a Vue3 compatible solution I really didn’t find anything I loved so I decided to see how to roll my own.

In this video, we create a vue 3 google map component using the newer SFC component with setup. We will add markers, infoboxes, event handlers, and access to related services as we work through the project video series.

We will end each of the videos in the series by deploying the application to IOS and Android devices to showcase Ionic Capacitor which you can use to deploy any web framework mobile, web, and PWA.


The component can be used in your page by first creating the .env file to hold your google maps key


and the in the parent component

:center="{ lat: 38.8977859, lng: -77.0057621 }">
<div class="map" ref="mapDivRef"></div>
import { ref, onBeforeMount, onMounted } from "vue";
export default {
name: "GMap",
props: {
center: { lat: Number, lng: Number },
zoom: Number,
mapType: String,
disableUI: Boolean
setup(props) {
// the google map object
const map = ref(null);
// the map element in the templste
const mapDivRef = ref(null);
// load in the google script
onMounted(() => {
// key is is the .env file
const key = process.env.VUE_APP_GOOGLEMAPS_KEY;
// create the script element to load
const googleMapScript = document.createElement("SCRIPT");
googleMapScript.setAttribute("defer", "");
googleMapScript.setAttribute("async", "");
* this function is called as soon as the map is initialized
window.initMap = () => {
map.value = new, {
mapTypeId: props.mapType || "hybrid",
zoom: props.zoom || 8,
disableDefaultUI: props.disableUI || false,
center: || { lat: 38.0, lng: -77.01 }
return {
<style lang="css" scoped>
.map {
width: 100%;
height: 300px;
background-color: azure;

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